Baby It's Cold Out
Hey all, BRRR! We know its Thursday, but some of us are sick and its really cold, and others are sick of being cold... well long story short, We are closing @ 5pm instead of the regular 7pm. We apologize for any inconvenience!

So many new things!
Our heads are spinning with all the fantastic new items we have for spring 2012! Featured on this page is our new woman's shoe OKA b.! Made in the USA, 100% recyclable... We're in love. Many other new names for us too, Petite Bateau, Lily Pulitzer, Patagonia, Lemon Loves Lime, Mimi & Maggie. oh wow... busy busy busy.

Happy New Year!!
We are celebrating and bringing in the new with a BANG! New spring merchandise that is, so out with the fall! Stock up on long sleeves, pants -all warm and cozy- for 50% off just in time for New England to turn into it's classic frigid self.

Because you have asked....
Starting today, we will be keeping our doors open until 7pm Thursday evenings even beyond the holiday season. Come down tonight and keep us company!

Holiday Updates!
Holiday Store Hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, 10-5 ((THURSDAYS NOW OPEN UNTIL 7PM!)) Fri & Sat 10-5 Our promotion on Tea will be ending Sat (11/19) at close of business to make way for our next special event! Stay tuned!!

Its TEA Time!
We have made layering up for fall a breeze! All Tea tops and dresses for girls and (boys t's too) are Buy 2 get 1 FREE! Wow! A great reason to venture out on this drippy day!

Well how 'bout that?
Here it finally is. We have been making big promises for a while and its time to deliver. We are thrilled to bring Patagonia to Hingham Square! Don't just stop by the kids sizes, things for Mum, Dad, Gram & Gramp are making their way in too!

Busy Busy Busy!
Why Hello folks! Hope everyones summer is being enjoyed to the fullest! While we don't want to think much about it Fall is here in Carolann's! Patagonia, Vineyard Vines, Tea Collection, Hartstrings and much much more has already made it up to the floor. Photos and inventory to come soon!

Did Somebody Say Spring?
Ok so a little late is better than never! It seems warmer weather isn't the only thing new in town. Our new collection of 'Tea' is in!